Cr Brooke Patterson
Councillor for Division 6

Brooke Patterson

Brooke is a third-generation small business owner living in the new Division 6 area. This is not only where she lives and works, it is where her family have lived and worked, and raised their children for over 60 years. It is where Brooke and Roger’s children go to school, where the family shops, where they enjoy everyday life. Brooke loves this area and is ready to serve its residents to make it even brighter and better than it is today.

Brooke understands some of the most pressing issues facing our area are traffic, transport, safety, open space management, enhancing our green spaces, better public park lighting, and broadening our economy and building smart city infrastructure to ensure we are supporting local jobs and industry. She has the vision, ability and resolve to make a big difference in these areas on behalf of residents.

Brooke is keen to hear your thoughts for our area and invites you to contact her directly on (07) 5581 6280.

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