Brooke Patterson Staging Two City Plan Meetings

Brochures were handed out for Division 6 candidate Brooke Patterson, who is staging two city Plan meetings for residents – one tomorrow at Ron Short Park starting at 9am, and another at 9:30am on Sunday at 6-14 Turpin Rd, Chirn Park.

In a letter to residents, Ms Patterson highlighted the urgency of the meetings and need for submissions to council on height increases planned for Broadwater suburbs.

Proposed changes to the City Plan, which would allow Southport’s suburban neighbourhoods to be cleared for up to nine-story developments, had left residents blindsided, she said.

“These are changes that will alter the very character and essence of our communities, with new height allowances alone meaning you could end up with a six to nine-story building going up right next door to your duplex or low-rise property."

“Unfortunately, the changes would result in reduced housing diversity in Chirn Park and Southport. We’re grateful that the council has recognised such by extending the time for people to make a submission until November 11.”

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