Local government decisions affect our experience of everyday life. Make sure you get your questions answered and vote for a Councillor you can count on.

Are you independent?

I am running as an independent as per the guidelines stipulated by the Electoral Commission of Queensland. For full disclosure however, please note, I am a member of the LNP. My campaign is fully self funded to avoid conflicts of interest and I am running 100% of my own volition.

I choose to exercise my democratic right to be a member of a political party so I can influence it - by voting in preselections and conventions. The party is not allowed to attempt to influence my decision making as a councillor. For the record, I have never been subject to any such influence and if I felt there was inappropriate attempts to influence, I would resign my membership.

Does Brooke live in division 6?

Yes, Brooke lives here – it is home to her and her family. She shares common concerns for the area with her neighbours and other residents.

Which suburbs are in division 6?

The new Division 6 includes Benowa, Bundall, Ashmore and Southport. To find out if you are in the new Division 6 see map. The new Division boundaries were confirmed by the Electoral Commission of Queensland on the 9th August 2019.

What is Brooke's background and experience?


Brooke has an exemplary track record, in both a voluntary and professional capacity. Brooke has decades of voluntary service in not-for-profit organisations, including chairing Benowa State School’s P&C through its transformation, and being a non-executive director of Australia’s Chamber of Commerce (HK). 

Brooke has over 20 years experience in financial services, placing her in good stead for prudent fiscal management for our city. Brooke is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, well trained in the matters of good governance that are so important for a Councillor. She is currently director of a company that assists financial advisers and accountants to comply with the new requirements of the Royal Banking Commission.

Brooke has a Bachelor of Business degree and achieved very high marks in her postgraduate tax law studies at Sydney Law School. Needless to say, Brooke is well placed to manage the complexities and demands of being a Councillor for the City of the Gold Coast.

I'd like to support Brooke to become my councillor, what can I do?

Thank you!

We love that you are here considering this question. There is a growing number of quiet locals who are getting behind Brooke.

There are many ways to actively participate in democracy other than just your vote. Volunteers handing out 'how to votes' are vital (and you get to come to the after party :)), a simple sign outside your house is great, as is hosting a 'Meet the neighbours - Brooke listens' event.

There are many other ways - we'd love to hear from you to discuss what suits you. You are welcome to call or text Brooke direct on (07) 5581 6280 or email us at division6@goldcoast.qld.gov.au.


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